Fast enough for ya?

Windows 2000 is the real deal. At least that's what this article over at ZDNet states. The author praises Windows 2000 on the desktop, saying it's definitely the best Microsoft Operating System available in that role. For some reason (I haven't read his previous articles) he dislikes it as a server OS. I've got limited experience with both NT 4.0 and 2000 Servers, and while 2000 is certainly more complicated than NT 4.0, it's much more powerful as well. The ActiveDirectory stands to create an entirely new method of locating and managing resources within an organization. That debate aside, I've got to agree with him, you may have to buy some new hardware for Windows 2000, but after using it for two weeks, you'll never want to go back to an earlier version. Slashdot linked to a great article by Lawrence Lessig today. It talks about copyrights, and how copyright law has gone too far, it's very interesting reading. While reading the commentary from the Slashdot crowd, I came across a chilling statement

No copyright has expired in this country since the end of World War 2.

Just think about that for a bit, then read this page for an break-down of when copyrights expire. As Lessig mentioned, the copryights on Irving Berlin's works will have been in place for 144 years before they expire. As Lessig points out, I don't think this is what the framers of the Constitution intended.

To me, this represents the incredible influence that Big Business has in our legislative process. Check the Constitution folks, there's nothing in there that guarantees someone the right to make money in the future, because they've made money in that manner in the past. I just wish our governing body would start repeating that mantra...

I just used my first 800mhz PC, a Dell Optiplex GX110. Wow it was fast, I can't wait for our 850's to get here! It was the first machine I've loaded Photoshop on, and thought "Wow, that was quick". Of course, Adobe will come out with 6.0 in a couple months, which I'm sure will be slower.