I'd like to extend my

I'd like to extend my middle finger in gratitude to our local CBS affiliate, KGAN, for not managing to get their HDTV signal on the air in time for the SuperBowl. They were working on it nonstop for the last week, trying to get it up, but no luck, so I got to watch the SuperBowl in crappy low-definition TV. Considering they initially said they'd have their signal up in December, then January, then "By the SuperBowl", I feel justified in blaming them for failing to come through for the third time, though I know they're very close to having it done, they might even still get it online tonight, not that it matters now. They'd damn well better have it in place for the NCAA tournament in March. I'm not blaming the engineering staff, as I'm sure they did everything they could, but technical issues can always be solved with one thing, money, so I blame the person who decided to skimp on their HD signal, and screw all of eastern Iowa out of watching the SuperBowl in High Definition. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Fox (local affiliate KFXA) has the SuperBowl for the next two years, and our backwards station hasn't even mangaged to broadcast their signal in stereo sound yet, so the odds of seeing either of the next two SuperBowls in high definition seem minute at best.