IT Draft

I saw this article over at Slashdot, mentioning that the U.S. may hold a draft for people with computer skills at some point in the future. I can't see how drafting a bunch of out-of-shape computer nerds who already dislike governmental authority will possibly turn out well. I'm 27 now, hopefully I'll be exempt from any such draft if it's ever implemented, otherwise, I've got the 'ol trick knee... It's not that I'm not patriotic, I am, but as Heinlein said, "A nation which must resort to conscription for it's defense, has no moral right to exist." Another way to look at it, is if your nation has entered into a war which is so unpopular it can't fight solely with volunteers, it shouldn't be in the war, and any nation under attack whose citizens won't rise to defend it also doesn't deserve to survive.

Now if Uncle Sam wants to hire me for my IT skills, that's another story, just show me the money. :)