Keep an eye on your Mac

I didn't realize that Adobe had an LE version of Photoshop available. I assumed that you either got stuck with PhotoDeluxe, or you shelled out the bucks for Photoshop. I may have to look into this for home use, I don't use all the features of Photoshop (who does?) but I despise the interface that PhotoDeluxe uses. I really like this new theme. These were really a great idea, makes setting up a weblog much easier for a newbie.

While testing out the new Google search box to your left, I entered my own name (we've all done it) to see what came up. Apparently I was linked to back in May by Brent Simmons. Maybe someone reads this after all.

In the interest of honesty, I do get 3 cents per search from that box. Seeing as how Google will only send you a check after you accumulate $25 in fees, it may be a long time before I actually receive a check. Some quick math shows that to be 834 searches!

I'm apparently also linked to on this page over at Kishore's ETP site. I'm not really sure why, but there I am!

I read an interesting story over at Macintouch this morning:

"Kevin," a technician with an Apple Specialist store in Maryland, warns of a rash of burglaries:

"Last night some crooks tried to break in. They found a box on the side of the strip mall we are in, and cut all the wires that were marked with our address. Then they forced the door with a crowbar and went into to the first office to make sure the phones were out so our alarm would not be able to phone the police. To there suprise, they hadn't gotten our phone lines. When they heard the dial tone they must have skipped out quick because nothing was missing.

This is where the plot begins to thicken. We have learned that they also attempted to break in to our Bethesda, MD location over a half hour away. They cut the lines and attempted to break the glass front door. They were again, unsuccessful. ... our boss learned that a store in nearby Towson, MD had been hit on Sunday night. Same MO, they cut the wires and forced the door with a crowbar. They only took brand new Macs. They even passed over digital cameras and camcorders right next to the computers. Last Tuesday a dealer in Conneticut was hit. A Mac dealer. Sounds like a pattern is developing."

It must be terrorists, they're out to get those new G4's, because it's a "super-computer" and a "weapon" according to Apple's advertising. :)