Imaging an Optiplex GX270

Tom Turner, one of my co-workers at UNI, has posted a good tip for anyone experiencing problems attempting to image a Dell Optiplex GX270 with DeployCenter/ImageCenter:

If you have a Dell OptiPlex GX270 with integrated Intel Pro 1000 MT (i82540) networking and a SATA hard drive, you will likely have problems imaging the system with PowerQuest's ImageCenter 5.x (5.51 and 5.50 tested). I spent several hours trying every trick I could think of with various boot disks and many versions of both MS NDIS2 and Novell Client32 NIC drivers, but ImageCenter (as part of DeployCenter) - PQIMGCTR.EXE - would always hang at various stages. I never got past the part where you name the image you want to create, though; it would always lock up, before getting to the final screen.