The Boston Globe is running an article talking about the possibility of a Kerry-McCain ticket. To John Kerry, I say this. Just do it. I'm a Democrat, but if McCain was running against Kerry, I'd vote for McCain. Adding McCain to the ticket isn't going to dillute your base, it can only bring more voters to your side, and it'd make me a lot more enthusiastic about supporting Kerry this fall. Talking amongst my co-workers, I have this question. Who are all these people who voted for Kerry? I don't know any of them. I'm serious, I know people who were for Edwards, people for Dean, people who were for Gephardt, and even people for Kucinich, but I don't know a single Kerry supporter, and I never really understood why they thought he was the best choice for our party.

Choosing McCain would bring a lot of the Deaniacs more on-board with the Kerry campaign, for, as the article mentions, many of us are McCain fans as well. We like straight-talkers, and don't give a damn if they're "too angry" in the opinion of some pundit.