Market forces

Ahh, you have to love the hypocrisy of the right wing. They say they're all for letting market forces regulate industries, that government shouldn't be doing it, unless it's someone having the audacity to talk about sex, then they should be regulated. If the speech was really that offensive, wouldn't Stern's ratings force him off the air? Wouldn't a boycott of his advertisers be the mature thing to do, rather than infringe upon his right to free speech? If Stern has a large audience, wouldn't it stand to reason that the "public sense of decency" has changed? I wonder if there are any universities in Canada that need a Sysadmin, I'm starting to see it as the Land of the Free, and the U.S. as the Land of the Right-Wing Religious Zealots, who simultaneously have a strange fear of, and fascination with sex and nudity of the human body, but no problem with graphic violence. I, for the record, enjoy both.