Give us your blood... or else.

This article pretty much sums up why I never wanted to join the Greek system in college. "Punishment for not giving blood is going to be quite severe"? Encouraging people to donate blood who shouldn't, just to boost your stupid little sorority's morale? That's despicable, and hopefully the chapter boots her right out of their dumb little club. At the very least, they should teach her how to use an apostrophe. I just had no enthusiasm for a lot of the "forced fun" activities that went with the Greek system. What if I don't feel like working on your lame lawn display or parade float? Or your blood drive? And, most of the Greek houses I was in at ISU were in danger of being condemned. I was in one where you weren't allowed to walk on certain parts of the second floor, because you may fall through. I swear I am not making that up. I couldn't believe people would pay to live in that place.