Idol racism?

This story speculates that the reason LaToya London received the fewest votes on American Idol this week was due to racsim. Umm, there were four contestants left, two of them were black, one was Asian/Polynesian, and one was white. Given that the white girl gave "the best performance of the night" in the words of the judges, one would naturally expect it would be a minority who got voted off. So, that leaves us with two black contestants, and one asian one. Granted, Hawiian native Jasmine did have the worst of the performances, and I thought she should have gone home, but just because she didn't it doesn't mean that the KKK was at work here, sheesh. In any case, I don't think that LaToya, Fantasia, or George Huff even need to be on Idol anymore, they're all going to get record contracts because they have great voices.