College Square goes Wi-Fi

The College Square Mall, about three-quarters of a mile from my house, has installed wireless internet now, according to an article in today's paper. The article doesn't mention whether or not access is free, though I'd assume it is. I don't know who "Cedar Valley Wi-Fi" is, as I've never heard of them, and I can't find a web site for them. I don't trust any tech-related business that can't even be bothered to get a web site online. Update: They do have a web site, which I found out by going to the mall and trying the wireless. Unfortunately, they're on crack, and are attempting to charge for access. Even if Cedar Valley Wi-Fi winds up with wireless access points on every city block, I'm not going to pay them $25/month to use it, and I doubt anyone else is either. Charging for access works when you have a captive audience, such as in an airliner, or maybe even a hotel, though I think the right price is free there too. But, in retail spaces, wireless should be offered as a way of enticing people to come to your establishment, not as a way for you to extract more money from them. I'm much more likely to eat lunch at your business if I can bring my PowerBook with me, that's where you make your money, not by charging me for the access directly.