Wounded TiVo

One of my TiVos took a hit last night. During an intense thunderstorm, our neighbor's tree lost a limb, which took out the powerline behind our house. After the friendly CFU folks came out and fixed it, we powered everything back up, only to find that the Toshiba TiVo/DVD player in our bedroom stutters during playback and emits an occasional KA-CHUNK noise from the hard drive. My laziness has paid off, however, as I hadn't gotten around to selling my old 60 hour Series 2 TiVo yet, so I was able to swap it back in to service. Tonight, I get to try to coax Toshiba to live up to their warranty, since the unit is only 4 months old. Update: Toshiba turned out to be quite reasonable, and if I ship the wounded TiVo back to them, they're going to send me a brand new one. I can't complain about that, considering their warranty says that after 90 days I'm supposed to pay labor.