Pro-Drunk Driving?

Wow, I got linked to from a pro-DUI site, run by a law firm in California. While I believe everyone is entitled to a zealous defense, these guys are a bit over the top.

I interned with the ISU Dept. of Public Safety for a semester while I was in college (got a minor in Criminal Justice) and I can tell you that none of the people we hauled in for OWI/DUI offenses should have been anywhere near the wheel of a car, nor outside the confines of their own home for that matter. I saw a football player take a van, drive up the wrong side of Lincoln Way (the main drag of Ames), realize that he was driving in to two lanes of oncoming traffic, bounce back across the median, blow a tire off the rim, sideswipe a tree, shatter the window in the van, and continue driving down Lincoln Way with sparks shooting from the rim running against the asphalt. We navigated traffic and got him stopped a block later, before he killed someone, and fortunately he was pretty docile, as he had a hundred pounds on the officer I was with, and I, combined. We took him in custody, and had his damaged van impounded. He refused a breathalyzer test, which led to an automatic loss of his driver's license for six months.

Now, I'm not a doctor, but I can tell you that there's no way that guy should have been in control of a motor vehicle in the state he was in, and the same applies to ever single OWI that I was present for that semester. These weren't people who had a couple glasses of wine with dinner, they weren't unlucky, and they certainly weren't innocent. Most of them did blow in the breathalyzers, and none of them were even close to the legal limit. These people weren't being brought in on technicalities, they were a grave danger to everyone else on the road.