Turkey Day

I'm back home after a Thanksgiving Day with my wife and the in-laws. A good time was had by all, except me, the wet blanket of the group with a nasty head-cold. I felt fine for most of the morning, then my drugs wore off, and I took an hour-long siesta on the couch after eating turkey. I'm home now, have popped some Nyquil, and am ready for a good night's rest. There's not much worth getting up early for tomorrow as I look over the tech ads. The best deals, to me, appear to be the $30 DVD burner and the $50 200GB hard drive at OfficeMax, as well as the $30 160GB hard drive at Best Buy. But I've never gotten anything at Best Buy on Black Friday, the line is too long. I've scored at OfficeMax before, and while I could use a fourth DVD burner (yes, really) I don't think I'm prepared to haul my sick butt out of bed to go get it tomorrow.