MacOS Rumors is reporting that the public beta of MacOS X may not be ready in time for the upcoming Seybold conference. Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I surprised? No. Considering that the OS was originally supposed to have shipped in July, I now predict we'll see the finished version of the OS shipping on new machines for the first time at next year's MacWorld New York. Jeremy has the low-bandwith blues. He's going to need more than a low ping time to beat me at Unreal Tournament, though. I love my cable modem, I don't think I'd want to move anywhere I couldn't get it or DSL now. Yes, I'm spoiled...

I need a new method to attach my Handspring Visor to my belt. My "Batman Factor" has fallen to two without it! That's a term I've just learned from this discussion over at Slashdot. It refers to the number of things hanging from your belt, giving you that "utility-belt" look that Adam West had going on in the '60's.

I've currently got my Leatherman and my Nokia 5120 on the right side. I need my Visor back on the left side as a counter-weight. The discussion at Slashdot left me with two contenders to replace my broken belt clip, which was shoddily made and over-priced. Do I want the RhinoSkin ShockSuit or one of the Rhodiana models?