Poor Red Hat Billing Security

My yearly subscription for my Red Hat workstation was due, but I no longer hold the card that I used to set it up, so the auto-renewal didn’t go through.  That’s all fine, and expected, but here’s what Red Hat wants me to do:

The credit card information is not going through. Please fax the following to XXX-XXX-XXXX so we can verify the credit card details:

- Cardholder
- Credit card number
- Expiration date
- Billing address (this must match the one on file with the credit card company)

Please reply if you have any questions and have a good day!

Uh, in the age of phishing, I’m not faxing(!) my credit card info to a random phone number that I got in my e-mail.  This message isn’t even PGP signed.  I replied back and told them I’d be happy to re-enter my info in an SSL-secured form available via their site, if they provide one, but there’s no way I’m faxing my credit card info anywhere.