The Aviator

We caught a matinee of The Aviator yesterday here in Vegas. It's a great film, and even though it's three hours long, I never got bored. As much as it pains me to say it, Leonardo DiCaprio does a great job as Howard Hughes, but Cate Blanchett really stole the film as Katherine Hepburn, in my opinion. The aircraft in the film all looked great, even though I knew they were computer generated, it was hard to tell. This is definitely an Oscar contender, as are DiCaprio and Blanchett, in my book. If you're not a geek, don't worry, this isn't an "airplane" movie, it's more of a personal drama about Hughes. The aviation in the movie is more of the backdrop against which the story of his life is told, though there were people clapping in the theatre once the Spruce Goose took flight. Personally, I liked the showdown with Senator Brewster (Alan Alda) even more.

If you want to read Roger Ebert's review, it's here.