Damn you John Wells

I think John Wells sucks. He took over The West Wing from Aaron Sorkin, and has turned the best show on television into mediocre melodramatic crap. He tends to put the World In Crisis every other episode which is a crutch for bad writing. Anyone can make a show dramatic when you have to save the world, it takes a much better writer to create compelling drama from a day at the office. And now he's even screwing with the Presidential timetable. I thought the timing seemed off for the last few weeks, but tonight's episode revealed that the current administration only has one year left in office. Uh, pardon me, but I sort of remember him being elected back in 2002, and The West Wing has always been two years "off" the real Presidential cycle.

So, I went hunting in the Television Without Pity forums, and found this statement from the moderator:

Yes, John Wells has moved up the next presidential election by a year. The next election should have been held in November 2006, but it is going to be held in November 2005 (presumably with primaries and caucuses starting in January and February 2005). Nobody knows exactly why he did it, other than the fact that Martin Sheen's contract is about to run out. But please, I beg of you, stop asking if the elections are coming early.

I knew the show had "jumped the shark" when Sorkin left, but occasional episodes gave me glimmers of hope. But now, knowing that Martin Sheen and most of the original cast will be gone after this year, I can hardly bear to watch.