Local Man Writes Blog

A reporter from the Waterloo Courier contacted me today about being intervewed for a story she's doing about weblogs. I was actually in a story they did about blogs in January of 2003, but the Courier's search engine is so inept, you won't find the article. I linked to it back when it was published, but of course the paper broke the link too. The Courier is definitely not a blog-friendly web site. One thing that irked me at the time was that they didn't list the URLs of any of the sites that were used in the article, so if you were interested in reading what any of the interviewees wrote, it was difficult to track down their blogs. I'm lucky in that Seth Bokelman is a pretty unique name (there being only one other one, as far as I know) and his Google Rank is nothing compared to mine. :)

So, I'm not sure what the "angle" of the article will be yet, but I agreed to be interviewed. I'll just try to avoid using the word "incestuous" again, as my wife still teases me about that quote from the last one.

Lately, my biggest selling point for blogs is that they're an excellent resource for Google or your other search engine of choice. I've said recently to friends that Information isn't Information unless it's indexed by Google, as that's the way I feel. What good is it if it can't be indexed, searched, and shared? I'm a Google Junkie though, I bet I do at least 100 searches a day, but it's an extremely powerful tool, and the more bloggers you have feeding good information into that index, the better it becomes.