The Fecal Touch

Ever have one of those weeks were everything you touch turns to crap? Last Friday I replaced the midplane on my iMac G5, in an attempt to end the buzzing noise that it's been driving me nuts with. No luck on that, and after Apple basically told me that they didn't have a fix, I complained to our Apple rep, who has gotten my case escalated with their customer support people. I told them I either want my machine fixed, replaced with a non-noisy one, or I want them to apply the purchase price as credit towards a PowerMac G5. The "Senior" Product Specialist who had my case thrust upon him is off today, so we'll see what he tells me tomorrow. Next, my PowerBook started suffering from a noisy hard drive or fan when it's not sitting level on a table. It's fine level, but as soon as you tilt it, it makes a bad noise. So, I called Apple on that, and they're sending me a box to send in my PowerBook for repair. They think it's the hard drive, which doesn't make me happy, as I don't want to have to reinstall all my apps if Tiger is only a few weeks away, but what can you do? So, I backed up my hard drive today, there's nothing "essential" that I only store there, but why make this harder than I have to.

Two hours after getting off the phone about my PowerBook, the power supply on my Optiplex GX270 decided to act up, it's making a horrible grinding noise now, as the bearing in the fan has given up the ghost. So, I generated an e-mail to Dell about that, hopefully one of their Subcontinental support people will have a new one over-nighted to me before this weekend.

I'd better go home soon, before I break something critical...