Professional Strength Athlons?

Professional-strength Athlons?

I'm going to quote myself from Slashdot: Are any of the BIG system vendors (Gateway, Dell, Micron, etc.) selling corporate Athlon systems? I'd love to implement some, but so far all I've seen are systems aimed at consumers. Gateway has their Select line, but I want my systems to come with Windows 2000 on them, as well as having the management features of the Dell Optiplex line or the Gateway E-XXXX lines. The other thing preventing me from using Athlons, at this point, is the numerous gripes I've heard about getting X video card to work, or the right RAM, etc. I don't mind doing a lot of research and fiddling with my own machine, but things like that can become a nightmare when you have to support 250 of them!

Is anyone using Athlons en masse in a professional environment? I don't really have any concerns about using AMD chips, I just want to be able to purchase business-class systems based on them.

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