Report from the WWDC Floor

One of the UNI IT staff is at the WWDC show, and here's what he just sent to us:

I just browsed the iTunes Music Store on a PowerMac running a 3.6 ghz Intel chip. They have several of them set up in the labs here at WWDC.

I wanted to see if I could see Rosetta working so I downloaded Cyberduck and ran it. Either Cyberduck is "universal" (not likely!) or Rosetta is pretty transparent. I couldn't find it in Top.

If you sit down at one of these machines you can see the difference. There is a menu item by the clock that lets you turn hyperthreading on and off. Also, there is a preference pane called "Processor" that allows you to set hyperthreading on or off by default.

This is all very strange. It's even stranger when I think about the fact that after this week, I may not see another Intel based Mac for another year.