This weekend, I journeyed to the metropolis of Manson, Iowa. My girlfriend's grandmother was having a sale, and the whole town turned out to buy furniture, crocks, and tractors. She scored a cookie jar for $5, a karem board for $15, and a sewing stand for $35. I netted myself a new coffee table for $22.50.


It was a hot day for a sale, and we had to take a break when they started selling some of the tools and farm equipment. We drove in to town and had lunch at the venerable Pizza Ranch.

"Auction1 2"

I don't understand how the auctioneers do it, my voice simply couldn't do that for 4 hours...


That grain truck would be handy next time I move, but it went for $8100.


Gravity wagons and hay rakes as far as the eye can see...

After three years of loyal readership, I got my first submission accepted over at Slashdot. I pointed at the Scripting News story regarding CNN's link to the DeCSS code, which earned me three karma points if you're curious. Scripting News withstood the onslaught of hits, and CNN/Time-Warner was hopefully embarassed.

I caught Chicken Run this weekend. It was really very funny, definitely a good movie to take kids to, as an adult will enjoy it just as much as any child, and perhaps more. However, I wouldn't reccomend that John take his kids to see it, not after seeing this entry in his weblog. ";->" They might never speak to him again...