ZR300 Deal

There's a great deal on Canon's ZR300 camcorder at Dell, it supports widescreen shooting, comes with a remote control, and can be used to capture analog video to digital through your computer's firewire interface. It'll work great with iMovie on a Mac, as well.. There's a review here. First, add the camera to your cart.

Next, add something cheap to your cart to get your total over $500, like a $9.86 ethernet cable.

Now, apply coupon code JQWFN3RR7NJ?F5 to save $60.

Then, apply coupon code 2S32?67G18S33Q to save 25%.

Now, print out and send in this $50 rebate.

Total cost, after rebate, free ground shipping, and no tax (at least for me) will be $278.10. Since list price on this camera is $499, this is a great deal...

If you want an even lower-cost deal on a JVC mini-DV cam, this one is also from Dell.