Forever Peace

I saw that Jess had picked this page as one that she liked. Yuck. I'd nominate this for the Daily Sucker, but it's a web design firm, I think. I won't ask them to design anything I'm going to use... I'm generally not a moody person, in fact, I'm often criticized for not being very emotional at all, but if there's one thing that makes me cranky, anxious, and worried, it's having something wrong with my car. Yesterday, I went to leave work, only to find that it wouldn't start. I tried to jumpstart it then, no luck, so I caught a ride home. Today, I had a wrecker come, we got it started, I drove around for about half an hour, then headed home, turned off the car, and it wouldn't start. Looks like it's going into the shop...

Ahh, now I get it... I was really liking Radio Userland, but then I couldn't figure out how to create a post above my previous item. The mystery has been solved, you do it by hitting control-u! Pushing enter only made a new wedge, control-u moves a wedge up, and control-d moves one down. I'm catching on...

John posted a question about whether or not there should be pulp in orange juice. My response is here.

I'm going to post a new, bad picture of myself below. This is from our site here at work, explore it at your own risk. I generally don't bother with pictures of myself on my web site, since they get out of date so fast, but here's what I looked like as of last week:

I sat down with a bowl of popcorn last night, and watched my newest DVD, Braveheart. I've waited a while for this one to be released on DVD, and had my copy ordered a few weeks ago. I'd forgotten how bloody it was! I haven't watched the movie with the commentary track yet, so I can't rate the overall quality of the DVD, but the movie looked and sounded great. I'm glad they included some extras, I hate DVD's that don't include anything but a trailer or two, it's a waste of a great format. The Star Trek movies are the worst offenders, not only do they not include any bonus materials, but they cost over twenty bucks!


Last night, I finished reading Forever Peace, by Joe Haldeman. In both this, and his other book that I've read, The Forever War, Haldeman writes mainly about the costs of war. Not in terms of money, lives, or territory, but in the humanity that is taken from the combatants. It's easy to see that Haldeman is a Vietnam veteran, and that his experiences there left him a changed man. I'd classify his works as philosophical science fiction, as with all good science fiction, the science is secondary to the story and the message.

Forever Peace