Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000

I got my new keyboard yesterday, and I'm already in love. My favorite keyboard was the original Microsoft Natural Keyboard, not the one with the stupid diamond arrow keys, that's the "Elite" version, and it's an abomination. I'm talking about the one before that, which had the inverted T. Mine suffered an unfortunate meeting with a glass of water, so I tried a number of generic "ergonomic" keyboards for a while, though John tried to get me to use the Kinesis keyboards that he loves for a time. For the last few years, I'd settled on using Microsoft's Wireless Natural keyboard. It came in a package with a crappy wireless mouse that I didn't use, but at least the keyboard was comfortable, though I really don't care about having a wireless keyboard, as having to replace batteries and worry about interference is a bit of a pain.

Well, my pain is over. I really love their new keyboard. The keys have a nice feel and they are quieter than the older models were. They added some type of artifical leatherette wrist-rest, and some more hot buttons I'll never use, but the most important thing is, it's comfortable!