Help Wanted

Yesterday, I started my new position as "Senior Systems Administrator". Today, we begin the search for my replacement, Systems Administrator.


1. Assists Senior Systems Administrator in maintaining the UNI active directory and ITS servers; installs, maintains, and updates application software packages that are critical to the ITS core mission; writes code to help automate manual functions (i.e. web based monitors, backup reports and data collection); evaluates and recommends updates of application software; coordinates with application users and other system administrators to ensure a smooth installation/update process; and troubleshoots server side problems and works with client support staff to ensure proper functionality.

2. Assists Senior Systems Administrator in maintaining centralized campus backup system; and works with other system administrators from across campus to ensure network backups and restores are performed in an optimal and reliable manner.

3. Consults with college and divisional system administrators on current standards; and assists with the planning, acquisition, implementation and maintenance of file, print, web, and application servers to prevent possible adverse effects on the central network.

4. Assists Computer Network Manager in troubleshooting and correcting problems associated with the UNI campus computer network; assists in troubleshooting wireless network connectivity issues; researches, evaluates, and recommends new technologies and determines their effect on the UNI computing environment; recommends network operating systems, hardware configurations, application software, and central monitoring systems; and helps establish installation and implementation standards.

NECESSARY QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree plus at least four years of Microsoft server administration and experience with a large TCP/IP network environment required.