Security Theatre

There are plenty of stories about the insanity of the "No Fly List" that the TSA maintains, but today's from CNN makes me glad that there's only one other Seth Bokelman that exists, at least as far as I know. Though, if it does become a problem, I can just use S. Bokelman or S. Henry Bokelman to bypass the list completely, according to this story.

But although the list is clearly bloated with misidentifications by every official's account, CNN has learned that it may also be ineffective. Numerous people, including all three Robinsons, have figured out that there are ways not to get flagged by the watch list.

Denise Robinson says she tells the skycaps her son is on the list, tips heavily and is given boarding passes. And booking her son as "J. Pierce Robinson" also has let the family bypass the watch list hassle.

Capt. James Robinson said he has learned that "Jim Robinson" and "J.K. Robinson" are not on the list.

Also amusing is that a pilot, who's certified to carry a weapon on board, is on the list.