Coach Bob Knight, apparently, can't keep his hands to himself. Apparently, I too, am too smart to be a police officer in New London, Connecticut. The last professional IQ test I took, in the 4th grade, put my IQ at 129. Since I lack more recent data, other than a cheesy take-home IQ test, on which I scored a 156, I'm going to guess that my IQ is around the 130 range, as 156 is somewhere around super-genius, which would make my college GPA monumentally embarassing. I saw this story mentioned over at the Curmudgeon's web site. I'm wondering if they have the statistics to back this up...

I'm interviewing today with the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences here at UNI. The position is very similar to the one I have now, but easier, and with better pay. All of their computers run Windows NT 4.0, and they'll be moving to 2000 in the near future. That's a lot easier to support than the amalgamation of Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, and 2000 that we have here, not to mention the myriad of Macs and specialized applications which seem to have been written in someone's basement or garage.

Looking for a second computer? I just came across the NIC. It's pretty cheap, $199 without a monitor, $329 with a 15 inch monitor. It runs Linux from a CD, and you don't have to use any pay-per-month service. I'm thinking about getting one of these as a second station at home. It's got both a 56K modem and 10/100 ethernet, so if you just want a web station, it's ideal! The machine has 4MB of flash RAM, where your bookmarks and settings are stored. More specs below: