Game Day

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Iowa State - UNLV game in Ames. I got a little too much sun, but it's always nice to watch ISU win a game. Hopefully they can beat the University of Iowa next weekend too. I met several friends at Hickory Park for lunch before the game. Yummy! After the game, my girlfriend and I continued on to Des Moines to attend a wedding. The reception was at the Hotel Fort Des Moines, Iowa's largest hotel. It was a very festive reception, helped out in part by the free margaritas. We stayed at the hotel overnight, then drove back to Cedar Falls this morning. It's a nice place to stay, but our bathroom was too mono-chromatic. When you're about 20/500 like I am, finding your way around without your glasses, in a bathroom that is entirely white can be a bit of a challenge. It was like one of those weird backgrounds that you see on commercials on TV. It's not exactly a cheap place to stay, but I'd reccomend the Hotel to anyone looking for a nice place to stay in Des Moines. Apparently, it was good enough for all of these people to stay there.