Leaving London

I awoke with the alarm at 6:45 a.m., and packed the rest of my belongings as Holly did the same.  We checked out of the hotel, and made our way via the tube to Victoria Station, where we bought tickets to Gatwick airport.  There's an express train to Gatwick, but you pay about three times as much for a ticket as you do on the non-express line, and we weren't in that much of a hurry.

On the train, I found myself getting a little motion sick, as I hadn't eaten any breakfast yet, and was faced opposite to the motion of the train, so I begged a motion sickness pill from Holly, which I swallowed with no water, but just a piece of chocolate and one of our few remaining granola bars from the US.

We eventually arrived at Gatwick, and checked in with Northwest before heading to an extremely crowded security checkpoint.  Despite the massive crowd of people, they moved us through pretty quickly, and we were on the other side of the gate in about 15 minutes, where we found a cafe to buy some breakfast.  We still had almost three hours left until the time of our departure, though there were several duty-free and tax-free shops to browse through while we waited.

The flights home were uneventful, and we arrived in Waterloo at about 6:15, where my co-worker Chris picked us up at the airport, and then dropped us off at home, where we promptly greeted our cats, then crashed into bed.