Back in Business

Back in business

I answered my own problems with Norton AntiVirus and Eudora, after looking around on Symantec's site. This article explains that it sets up a proxy server on the local machine, and that's why it reconfigures Eudora to attempt to get the mail from John VanDyk also experienced the fact that this feature doesn't always work.

Another interesting feature that I encountered yesterday, in dealing with Norton AntiVirus, is that it won't let a user without Administrator rights scan for viruses on a Windows 2000 machine. The program will report that the file is infected, and then denies them access to the file. This article describes how to give users the ability to scan and remove the viruses themselves, but I haven't decided yet if it's better to have them call for an admin to come do so, to ensure that the viruses is eliminated. Any thoughts?

I received my new Samba shirt from Nerdgear yesterday, and there was a small flaw in it. I sent off a quick e-mail to the fine folks there, and they told me to keep the shirt and they'd send me a replacement as well. Thanks for the great service! If you don't know what Samba is, go here.

Hurrah! I can finally connect to this site again, it was down most of yesterday.