I want a cable modem in my office.

I want a cable modem in my office

Just got to work to find this message in my inbox:

The ICN is experiencing problems with one of their Frame Relay switches. This affects our Internet access and connectivity, which is somewhat intermittent at the present time, but down more than it is up. There is not an ETR at this time.

This is becoming an almost weekly occurrence, not to mention the ICN is slow, and the four T1's connecting UNI to it are saturated.

Luckily, I'll be out of my office most of the day, as I'm going to Des Moines for the Microsoft Quarterly TechNet Briefing.

I'm looking at taking this course to prepare myself for our big Windows 2000 conversion. We're currently a Windows 9x shop (yuck) but I've previously worked in a Windows NT 4.0 environment. The class is somewhat pricey, but you get 5 days of training for your two grand.