Amusing voicemail transcription

Received this transcription from my Vonage voicemail. All you need to know is in the first six words. :)

"Hi this is Ben lying candidate for United States Congress running against the liberal Democrat and incumbent Bruce Braley. I'm hosting a live telephone town hall. Right now. To talk about how you and that I can put our country back on the right track towards greater freedom and prosperity for Eastern Island. If you're listening to this message. Live right now and like to join this free call press one on your phone. Otherwise I'm sorry I missed you since we said Bruce Brody Washington. The national debt has exploded over $13 trillion in unemployment has more than doubled from 4.6% to 9.5% on November 2. Voters will need to decide whether we send the same politicians back to Washington in hopes for different results or whether it's time to send a message and put a check in balance on the Obama administration. Please "