More amusing voicemail transcriptions

"On all three Supreme Court Justice is up for retention in addition. I'd like her to go to judge a and join our bus to work across the state at a location near you and finally join me on Thursday, October 28 on the steps of the Iowa Supreme Court building as we voice our opinion. Collectively that we're voting no against the judges were standing up for freedom and for traditional marriage. One man one wallet. Again this is Bob grandpa, file for freedom. It's paid for by pilot family policies that are actually much to hear this message. Again please press one now. If we can count on you to vote no on all three Supreme Court Justices. Please press two now. Thank you. This call was paid for by Iowa family policy Center in action. Reach you "

Amusing voicemail transcription

Received this transcription from my Vonage voicemail. All you need to know is in the first six words. :)

"Hi this is Ben lying candidate for United States Congress running against the liberal Democrat and incumbent Bruce Braley. I'm hosting a live telephone town hall. Right now. To talk about how you and that I can put our country back on the right track towards greater freedom and prosperity for Eastern Island. If you're listening to this message. Live right now and like to join this free call press one on your phone. Otherwise I'm sorry I missed you since we said Bruce Brody Washington. The national debt has exploded over $13 trillion in unemployment has more than doubled from 4.6% to 9.5% on November 2. Voters will need to decide whether we send the same politicians back to Washington in hopes for different results or whether it's time to send a message and put a check in balance on the Obama administration. Please "

Teabaggers unite!

This clip made me laugh really, really hard, kudos to Ana Marie Cox:

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For those of you who "don't get it", you'll have to check out the, um, "adult" practice that teabagging is slang for. Do not click this if you are easily offended. :)

[Via Andrew Sullivan's Blog]

Vermont Veto Override

Congrats to Vermont on being the first state to legalize same-sex marriage via the legislature. I'll be curious to see what those against gay marriage on the grounds of "judicial activism" have to say now that the legislature has passed such a law, twice, even overriding the governor's veto. I bet Vermonters are feeling even more proud today than we Iowans did last week.

When police attack

This story in the Washington Post made me sick. In it, you'll hear the story of how the police delivered a box of marijuana to the doorstep of a town mayor, waited for it to be taken inside, and then smashed in his doors, shot his dogs, and held his mother-in-law on the floor with a gun against her head. A sting operation against a suspected drug dealer? No. A drug-sniffing dog found a package at Fed Ex that was addressed to the mayor's wife containing pot. Was she a pot dealer? No. Her Fed Ex driver was. If this can happen to a town mayor, and he doesn't even receive an apology for it, what can happen to you and me?

Constitutionally Impaired

I know she got her degree in Sports Journalism, and not Political Science, but Sarah Palin continues to display a grasp of the Constitution that absolutely perplexes me. Today's quote from her (which I saw at Andrew Sullivan's blog) just makes my head hurt.

"If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations," Palin told host Chris Plante, "then I don't know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media."

The First Amendment, as well as all other Amendments, protect you from the GOVERNMENT, not from the media, not from corporations, and not from me, Seth the Blogger. In fact, the First Amendment guarantees me the right to call you, Sarah Palin, a fourth-class intellect that makes Dan Quayle look like William F. Buckley by comparison. Now I'm no great constitutional scholar, but I did pretty well in Political Science 320, aka Constitutional Law.

Personally, I gave her a pass on her "gaffe" that she said the Vice President is in charge of the U.S. Senate. While not, erm, true, you can legitimately argue that "presiding" over something rather sounds like you are in charge of it, and I don't see any reason to latch on to that as evidence of Constitutional ignorance.

However, this is a different matter. Even if she was, tragically, elected to office, how could she swear to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution when she seems to not even understand the very principles she'd be taking an oath to uphold? She seems to think that the First Amendment means you can say whatever crazy shit you want, and if (a non-governmental) someone points out that reality (which has a well-known liberal bias) differs with your batshit-crazy-conspiracy-theory-of-the-day regarding your opponent, then they are not, in fact, exercising their rights to free speech, but somehow infringing upon your own.

Did he just say that?

In his answer to the first question last night, John McCain proposed that the United States bail out all the homeowners who are upside-down on their mortgages. I turned to Holly and said "Why the hell should the government bail out people who paid too much for their houses?!?!". While many of my Republican friends would like to dismiss me as some kind of raving Leftist lunatic (though I actually claim many positions, especially on economic issues, that are more libertarian) there's no way I'd ever support that. These people thought the house was worth that price when they agreed to buy it, the fact that the market disagreed with them at some point in the future is irrelevant. Should they have to pay more for their houses if they're in a market where the price exceeds the amount they owe on their mortgage? Of course not. You made a bad decision, and overpaid for your house. Tough. You thought it was a reasonable price at the time you signed the contract. The fact that you could have bought it for less later doesn't mean anyone owes you a damned thing, and I certainly don't owe you a cent of my tax dollars because you thought $500,000 was a reasonable price to pay for a 3 bedroom house. I paid $399 for my Xbox 360 3 years ago, now they sell for $299, where's my bailout? Or am I only entitled to it if I'm still paying interest on it? Only if the interest is tax-deductible maybe?

Matt Cooper (of Plamegate fame) has an article up today, entitled "McCain's Insane Mortgage Proposal". I couldn't agree more...