I'm sitting in the Parks Library as I write this. So what am I doing in Ames? My girlfriend suggested that we come down and do some shopping today, and I quickly agreed, as I do miss Ames from time to time. So far, it's been a busy day, as soon as she gets the information from some books here, we're going to head back to Cedar Falls. First on the agenda was a trip to the University Bookstore, and then the Campus Bookstore, to get some Iowa State clothes. Then we headed over to Hickory Park for lunch, where I saw four people that I knew from when I went to school here.

After lunch, we drove up to Main Street, so that Holly could go to the Fairlight Quilting store. I stood around for a while smelling the candles, while she picked out fabric. We then headed over to the Mall, where she bought some more clothes, and I looked at computer games.

On the way out of the mall, I ran into Dr. Joel Coats, from the Entomology Department at ISU. He and some of the Entomology students had some cockroaches they were letting people hold. Holly chose to pet the rabbits at a competing booth instead.

Next, we headed over to the Brunnier Art Gallery, to check out the Christian Petersen exhibit. We had about 40 minutes until they closed, and we thought (foolishly) that this would be plenty of time to view the exhibit. If you go, and I highly recommend that you do, budget at least an hour to see everything in this show, it was excellent, lots of beautiful artwork. If you're anywhere near Ames, make the trip to check this show out.

We journeyed on to Hastings, where I found a Heinlein book that I didn't have, and Holly sat in a chair waiting for the aspirin to take away her headache. I found her a book on headaches, while rummaging in a bargain bin, but that didn't seem to help.

That brings you, the loyal reader, up to speed! I've done ISU some good while writing this, the mouse on this computer was full of goo, so I took the time to clean it out. That, and the thousands of dollars I've paid ISU, entitles me to sending a few bytes over their Internet connection, at least in my book. I was unable, however, to correct the broken delete key, which I don't feel too badly about, as Gateway offers a lifetime warranty on these keyboards anyhow...

Update: We're home now, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Jimmy John's on our way out of town, and I listened to the first half of the Iowa State - Oklahoma State football game on the road. ISU needs to get a kicker...