Commercials without a product

I'm reading over UNI's web policy, as I format the machine I'm going to use as a web server for now. I just noticed a particularly restrictive bit:

University trademarks, symbols, and wordmarks (e.g. "University of Northern Iowa", "UNI", or "Panthers"), may not be used as html page, site descriptors, or titles without permission of the Office of Public Relations.

So, if I'm a student with a web page, I can't put a meta-tag in my page that says "Web page of Seth H. Bokelman, a student at the University of Northern Iowa"?!?!

Need more RAM? It's a good time to buy, JNCS has 128MB of PC133 RAM going for $99! RAM prices fluctuate a great deal, up to $50 for 128MB chip, maybe I should buy another one now while they're cheap...

Iomega released a new version of their IomegaWare software for Windows, bringing it up to 2.7. If you've got a Zip drive, update your software. 2.5 and above were major rewrites, prior to 2.5, the Iomega sofware would often crash on my machines. I reccomend downloading it here, for everyone who has a Zip drive.

As I sat watching the Vikings beat the Bears last night, I was puzzled by two of the commercials that played repeatedly. One was a commercial for BASF, the message was, "We don't make the products you buy, we make the products you buy better". Okay, so if you don't make anything that I do or can buy, why are you advertising to me?

The second one was for Texas Instruments, it was an advertisement for their DSP's. Do you know what a DSP is? I do, but it was never explained in that commercial. Are you in the market for DSP's? I'm not, nor is anyone I know, but the ad ran three times during the game. What percentage of the population really decide what DSP they need to buy? And what percentage of those were watching Sunday Night Football? Oh, and DSP stands for Digital Signal Processor, it's a component used in electronics, especially things like cell phones, PDA's, etc. You've probably got a few in your house. But did you know or care who made them? Probably not...