In the news

If you think the polling results in Florida are questionable, check out this story from the Kansas City Star. Thanks to Rebekah over at the blorg for pointing to it.

At Oakwood Manor Elementary School in Gladstone, voters could pick up their ballot, read the sample ballot and then decide how to vote from a stack of brochures advising them.

The brochures were the Christian Coalition's voters guide.

When voter Dane Dingerson complained to the election poll supervisor, Sara Manichia, she told him: "God wants Bush to win."

Dingerson was outraged.

"I couldn't believe she said that to me as I was voting," he said. "When I became angry, she told me there was nothing wrong with her informing the voters the right way to vote."

Manichia said she has been a polling supervisor for 13 years. "Yes, I told him that God wants Bush to win. I'm proud of my beliefs, and I love the gospel, and God hates abortion....He wants Bush to win."

Clay County election officials said they would investigate. Electioneering is against the law within 25 feet of a voting precinct.

The right way to vote?!?!? What country is this, China? I knew our neighbors to the south were a little wacky, but how did this woman get placed in charge of a polling place?

In a classic snowy game of football, Iowa State emerged victorious over Colorado this afternoon in Boulder. This marks the 8th time in the last 100 years that the Cyclones have won 7 or more games. Amazing, isn't it? I'm debating going to next week's final game against Kansas. It'll be cold, but ISU should win, and I can say I was there...

Yesterday's TiVo Review got mentioned over on Scripting News, and picked up by LinuxToday. Lots of traffic! Welcome to anyone finding my site that way!