Al has a touching little bit about suicide via Tylenol. What a horrible way to go... In the market for a cheap scanner? You can't beat this price, $9.50 after the $10 mail-in rebate! It's a parallel port scanner though, they're a lot slower than SCSI or USB scanners, and not as easy to use, as they tend to mess with your printer quite a bit. But for ten bucks, it's not so bad...

I thought that Republicans were for state's rights, I thought George W. Bush "trusts people, not government". So why are the Republicans now attempting to take the election decisions away from the state of Florida, and give them to the Federal Government? [Via Dangerousmeta]

"Anyone who usually takes the states' rights side on the ground that the states are trustworthy partners of the national government should not be questioning the trustworthiness of state law, state elections, or state judges," Prof. Susannah Sherry of Vanderbilt University Law School said in an interview.