The vandalized Christian Peterson statue has been repaired in MacKay Hall at ISU.  I'm glad to see that it's been restored so quickly, even if it did cost a whopping $36,000 to do so.  At least they caught the jerk who did it, ripping the head off a 60 year old statue, which was a gift from former students is very uncool:

Workers install Marriage Ring sculpture Back home
The "Marriage Ring" was reinstalled in the foyer of MacKay Hall this morning. The Petersen sculpture, a gift to the university from the students in the class of 1941, was vandalized last September. Francis Miller, with the Conversation Technical Associates, Connecticut, began repair work on the sculpture in early January. The highly specialized work, which cost more than $36,000, involved cleaning the entire sculpture, putting the broken head of one of the children back together, reinstalling the head on the sculpture and repairing cracks. Miller will spend the next day or so doing final detail work on the sculpture, including painting the filled areas between the cracks.

A mysterious computer game that'll call you on the phone and threaten your life?  This could be VERY cool, or it could be incredibly stupid.  If done well, this could be quite the little adventure, I'd give it a try.

Here's my stupid Windows NT 4.0 error of the day.  Don't install a service pack before you have your network card up and running.  I did, and now I get to re-install the service pack to stop all these error messages that read "Not enough server storage is available to process this command."  That'll teach me...

This weekend, I got a Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice for my computer.  At first glance, it just looks like any other headphone and microphone combo, but besides adding voice chat capabilities, it also adds voice recognition to your games.  For instance, if you're playing Unreal Tournament, and you want to switch weapons, you just say "Rocket Launcher" and you've switched weapons, all without having to switch your hands.

It was especially fun to use with Age of Kings, you can say "Build Barracks" and your little minions jump to work, much faster than looking for the hotkeys on your keyboard, or dragging the mouse around the screen.  It's truly a neat product...