The score for this winter stands at:

Icy Sidewalks 2, Seth 0

I just had my second fall of the winter.  This was less scary than the first one, but more painful.  My first fall, a few weeks ago, landed me square on my back/buttocks.  This one landed me square on my left elbow and hip, the kind that can break bones.  Nothing is broken, but I'm betting I get a couple of bruises by Sunday...

It's snowing outside, and it had covered up some ice on a friend's sidewalk.  I came walking down the sidewalk, donuts in hand (don't ask), and wiped out pretty good.  At least I fell on my left hip, my right one has my pager and my Leatherman attached to it, it would have been an expensive and painful fall...

Microsoft's next version of Office may be called "Office XP", according to this article from  Anyone have a guess as to what XP stands for?

eXtra Pricey?

I'm playing with My Userland On The Desktop (not a catchy name) and I'll be the first to admit that I don't get it.  Okay, I get what it could do, but I can't make it work right for some reason. 

I can't even figure out how I'm supposed to get XML out of this weblog, and I can't figure out why I'd want to use it, because most of the other weblogs I read aren't available via it. 

I also get occasional errors, for no apparent reason, and I don't think I'd want to use it much, as I use many different computers, all running Windows 2000.  I log out of them when I'm not using them, so if MUTOD isn't available to run as a "service", then it won't be running, and these updates of content in the middle of the night aren't going to take place.

So what am I missing?

Update: Whatever I'm missing, Al is missing it too at least.  And Steven offers some insight into my frustrations.