Catching Up

Al has done it now, he's gone and broken the screen on his iBook.  Ouch.  Reminds me of the time I cracked my Handspring Visor, only more expensive...

CNet takes back their 7 rating for Netscape 6, giving it a painful four out of ten points instead.  Netscape 6 does suck, but I think Netscape 4 is horrible too.  I'm installing Netscape 6 on all of the Windows 2000 machines I'm giving faculty, because 4.7x keeps giving me registry access errors if the user isn't a "Power User".  I tell them that they should use Internet Explorer, but a lot of them refuse to, for purely political reasons, in which case, they can suffer through Netscape 6.  I had high hopes for this version, but they've fallen flat.  There's no compelling reason to use it, rather than Internet Explorer.

Just as I reach contentment, something comes along to make me question my job.   An acquantiance here at the University will be hiring an underling sometime this spring, and he's been telling me about the position, and nudging me to apply.  It'd be in a new direction, working more with web stuff and less with hardware, but it would come with a significant pay increase.  I'll probably apply for it, but I'm not sure if I want the job..

I'm actually getting caught up here at work, it's a bizarre feeling.  I've still got some new computers to deliver, but no one is waiting on me for anything.  I've sent out e-mails, asking them when they'd like them delivered, so I just get to sit back, and schedule it all in, much less frantic that it has been for the last two months.