I've been playing around with Progeny Debian Linux today. I downloaded the CD images yesterday, which took 6 hours, and I had to get them from Denmark, as all the U.S. mirrors were swamped. So far, I like it, though I'm installing KDE right now, because I really don't dig Gnome so much. The installation was fairly painless, and detected all of the hardware in my Dell Precision 410 correctly. I didn't like the way it asked for my monitor capabilities, I prefer the Mandrake/RedHat method of just letting me select my monitor model from the list, rather than asking for some fairly generic statistics, or wanting me to dig out my manual and give the vertical and horizontal refresh rates...

I really liked the way it asked about how I wanted to set up Samba, giving me the choice to launch it as a daemon or from inetd.

If you want to give it a shot, the CD image files are available on my workstation here, via FTP.