Back in the saddle

You don't find out how many people actually read your website until you get lazy and stop updating it for a week.  I don't want this site to die, I've just been busy.  Spring has finally sprung here in Iowa, and after being shut up inside all winter, I've got urges to go places and do things, but not to update my weblog.

My equipment requests were approved yesterday, now I just have to orchestrate the purchase of the equipment.  My coworker and I are getting much-needed 21 inch monitors, as our 19 inch displays are of low quality, as well as being several years old.  The new Trinitrons should serve quite nicely.

My request to outfit our building with 802.11b wireless networking was approved too, now I just need to get some wireless cards.  Unfortunately, the 802.11b module for my Visor won't be out until May, at least...

We're also going to bite the bullet, and shell out the money for the Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition.  We're tired of trying to keep 250 machines all up to date manually, and of having to clean up after virus infections.  Having the centrally managed software should make our jobs much easier.

And lastly, we're getting a CD Duplicator, to enable us to make large batches of CDs for when faculty would like to hand out supplemental digital materials to their students.  This should be interesting, I've never used anything like it before, but being able to duplicate up to 75 CDs at a time should be handy, and a lot easier than the current methods..