Sorry it's taken me so long to update this, a combination of distractions left me too busy to get any updates posted, but I have no plans to discontinue this site as of yet.  Things like a trip to Vegas, a hacked computer, the start of my summer class, and looking for a new place to live all consume time...

Yesterday, I did find time to go to Camp Courageous with a friend for their annual classic car show.  My friend worked at the camp for two summers, and he wanted to show me around the place.  Below are some of the cars we saw:


1967 Corvette


1967 Chevelle


Customized PT Cruiser

We went for a hike in the surrounding woods after looking over all of the cars.  We came across a tiny snake, but I didn't recognize the species.  Any amateur herpetologists in the crowd?


Here's a picture of my friend JD with some T.P. in a TeePee:


The area around Monticello is quite hilly for the state of Iowa, and there are several rocky cliffs that would make for excellent climbing.  We struggled up a short area, to save ourselves from having to walk around.  Here's Jen bringing up the rear: