I've spent much of the afternoon playing with Stata, a statistics program that the Political Science folks wanted.  We bought a ten user license for that department, and a 25 user license for the student computer labs.  Let's just say that their documentation on how you set up the networked version is a little sparse.  Here is the entirety of the documentation on this subject:

The installation for a network copy of Stata is very similar to that of a stand-alone copy of Stata. Install Stata on the server and create an icon for it on each client computer. When Stata is started on a client computer, it will load the master copy from the server into the client's memory and allow the user to work in Stata as if it was actually installed on their computer.

Unfortunately, that fails to provide necessary information about things like permissions, or if you can install it on a Netware server, and what about the Data folder, where does that go?  I think that I have everything working properly, so I gave it to two users to play with.  If they can use it for a few weeks without it breaking, I'll roll it out to the rest of the department...