Brace Yourself

I'm gimpy.  My left wrist had been bothering me for the last couple of weeks, so I decided to have it looked at.  Yesterday, I called an Orthopedic office, but they told me I needed to see my family doctor first.  Unfortunately, I didn't have one here.  I chose one out of the phonebook at random, and he's turned out to be a good guy, and one of my co-workers takes her entire family to him as well, though I didn't know that before I chose him.

They got me in this morning, and he determined that I have some "soft tissue damage" to my wrist.  Basically, I've injured the tendons/ligaments there by carrying around a lot of heavy and awkward computer equipment at work.  He gave me a dorky brace to wear, and told me to let him know if it helps.  After wearing it for only half a day, it has definitely decreased the amount of pain I was having in the wrist, so hopefully I can avoid the steroid injections that would be the "next step" in treating me.  I'm avoiding lifting all of the heavy equipment for the next few weeks, so I can give this time to heal.  This makes me feel a bit useless at work, since I have to get my student helpers to babysit me.  One of them has strep throat, so she's not in any shape to be moving heavy objects either.  Looks like the faculty are going to be moving their own computers if they want them repaired quickly...

I did finally get our "FTE" figured out for the Campus Agreement we're interested in signing.  I came up with a final number of 198, which we'll multiply by around $50 to license our Microsoft products for the next year.  A lot of the other admins on campus are wary of making a deal with Microsoft, but my figures showed that we were spending at least that much now, without having as much software or being able to update every machine like we could under the new agreement.  Any thoughts on this controversial licensing program?