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I spent yet another afternoon in the dentist's chair today.  I'd recently finished my four visit root canal saga, only to be informed that I was due for a check-up and cleaning.  Fortunately, my teeth got a clean bill of health today, though I hate when they scrape the tartar off the insides of my lower front teeth.

The dentist pointed out that two of my old massive fillings would probably have to become crowns at some point, should they become damaged or have any decay develop near them.  I told him that he'd already used up all of my insurance money for this year, so he'd have to wait until next year to wring any more out of me.  I'll have to brush those two teeth especially well, I guess...

I got back from the dentist just in time to get drenched in the rainstorms that rolled through the Cedar Valley this afternoon.  I had to put my "Visor" in the plastic bag with my Subway sandwich to avoid ruining it in my mad dash from the parking lot to Sabin Hall.  I had an umbrella in the trunk of my car, but I'd have gotten just as wet retrieving it as I got running to the building.  I think my building needs an underground parking garage.