Well, it looks like I'm going to be furloughed.  One half-day every two weeks, with a corresponding cut in pay.  Our governor finally caved to the Republicans in the state legislature, and the University is going to have its budget cut once again.

It sucks that my pay is going to be cut by about $100/month, and it's going to really suck to be a student here in the next two years.  Tutition for next year went up 19%, and the article says that double-digit increases are likely for next year as well.

Anyone want to hire a Pee-Cee guy who dabbles in Mac and Linux, and can write a weblog?   I didn't think so...

My new digital camera came today.  I think I'm in love.  This camera is just amazing, and since I know it can produce great shots, I'll have only myself to blame for my crappy ones.

The thing I love about digital cameras is the instant feedback.  Whenever I've tinkered with my Canon AE-1 35mm camera, I've found that about 10% of my photos turn out well, another 25% are passable, another 10% are amateurish, and the rest are out of focus, underexposed, or poorly developed.

With a digital camera, I can look at the image instantly, on either the camera or my laptop, and do some trial and error to produce the picture I'm looking for, not to mention the savings in only getting the shots you want on paper, and not having to buy film.  With my 256MB Compact Flash card, my camera can hold 167 shots at the highest quality (3.3 Megapixels).  Even I can't shoot that many pictures in a day.