Bledded Wiss

I got back from Omaha last night, after being in the wedding of my friend Adam Turnbull and his wife Lori Hokomoto.  I was the "Second Best Man", behind Adam's brother Andy, but ahead of my friend Jeremy who was either the "Third Best Man" or "Worst Man", depending on your point of view. Okay, maybe we were just groomsmen, but Second Best Man sounds more important...

The wedding went off okay, despite the rings being left in a suitcase, and arriving with no time to spare.  The attendance was a bit smaller than I'd expected, though I think most of that can be blamed on the blizzard that came through the night before.

I had a phone interview this morning for a job administering the network in the Residence Halls here at UNI.  I think I'm an ideal candidate for it, since I have a strong background in Residence Life, having been a Resident Assistant for several years back at ISU.  I'd never had someone put me on the spot in an interview before, but one of the system administrators asked me "What are the five components of the ActiveDirectory Single-Master model?" and frankly, I had no clue, and told him so.  I e-mailed him later and asked for the answer, and he told me that he really didn't expect the interviewees to know and recite them, but he wanted to see what our reaction would be.  Well, I was honest, I guess.  If you want to know what they are, here you go.

The other question involved troubleshooting a sluggish network port, and that one I answered immediately, as it's something I've dealt with here before.  They seemed a bit surprised by that, so maybe I wasn't supposed to know the answer to that question either.  The phone interview is to determine who the "short list" of candidates will be, and I'll hopefully know by next week if I'm on that list or not.