No Fur-Low

Hooray, according to an e-mail we received today, we won't be getting furloughed:

BUDGET UPDATE: On Friday, Mar. 1, Gov. Tom Vilsack signed into law Senate File 2304. This bill makes a number of final adjustments to the FY 2002 state budget. Initially, the bill required that furloughs be used by state agencies, including the Board of Regents institutions, to achieve cost savings. During the legislative process, this requirement was removed. State agencies now have the power to choose the cost-saving measures they will employ. The University of Northern Iowa will not use furloughs. The UNI cabinet is working to determine how the university will make adjustments to cope with the loss of an additional $1.5 million in state appropriations. Care will be taken not to disturb classes already in progress, and other functions vital to the university's "Students First" mission.